Great Outdoor Fitness - Classes

GO Fitness



This is our signature Great Outdoor Fitness class. Running and circuit training have been the foundations of the fitness industry for years especially with the currently popular hiit format. Many activities come and go out of fashion but these two elements always remain. In GO Fitness we combine these two activities to create an effective fitness class suitable for all abilities designed to improve your strength, endurance and general health. You’ll work in groups and individually but always have each other and the instructors to motivate you and get the most out of each workout achieving levels you did not think possible.

GO Active



This is our entry level Great Outdoor Fitness class designed for those who want a more active lifestyle in the great outdoors and who want a stepping stone into GO Fitness but do not feel ready. A mixture of walking, some optional running and basic exercises to give you a full body workout at the level you want to train at. Are you new to training? Have a health condition? Are you coming back from an injury? Maybe you are pregnant or maybe you just want to train in a group environment but have the option to keep it more relaxed and less arduous? Then this is for you.

GO Running



A running only session suitable for all levels. Sub 2.30 marathoner or a 45 minute 5ker, we will be able to give you a top, motivating session to make you a better runner. There will be intervals, fartlek training, speed work, hills and much more. Run with your friends or chase that person who is just that little bit quicker. We guarantee the best methods to improve your running.

GO Strength



Variation with any fitness routine is essential and this class offers just that. This is a HIIT style  strength circuit using various weights and equipment. You will work all major body parts in the class which stays in the same location throughout. Suitable for all abilities.

GO Boxing



Boxing is obviously an extremely skilled sport but is also a fantastic fitness tool. ,In this class you will work in pairs performing a variety of boxing drills with some exercises mixed in to make this an effective all body workout. We will teach you the basics on the pads as well as with your gloves to ensure that you get the most out of the hour and learn something along the way.

GO Netball



Sometimes fitness can be about just meeting up and having some fun. This session, whilst being a great cardiovascular workout, also brings in an excellent element of teamwork and enjoyment to get your day off to the perfect start. Our version of netball is a little different with a few different rules designed to keep you working hard for an hour. Whilst the majority of the class will be on the court, there will also be the occasional set of exercises to complete the workout. Suitable for anyone

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