Meet Paul

You’ll hear him before you see him as his booming voice blasts instructions round the park. A former royal marine, track runner, swimmer, chess club star etc, he knows a thing or two about getting people in shape. Always results-focused he’s your man whether you’re looking to shave seconds off a PB or get round your first marathon in one piece.


Meet John

John has worked for various fitness providers over the years and has a good background with his own training. In his early years he was a sprinter at a decent level running for Sutton and District specialising in the 60m, anymore would just be too tiring for his little legs! He has recently moved towards the strength and conditioning side of the fitness industry meaning he is the perfect compliment to some of our other instructors who specialise in other areas of our classes. Always keen to advise and discuss what he has learned as a Level 4 strength and conditioning coach.

Meet Caine

A relative newbie to the fitness industry, Caine began working as a personal trainer at his home gym and at a local rugby club over a year ago. Some of you may recognise him from the TV as he was on SAS:s first series. He didn't say much on the show after being told to put his hand down in no uncertain terms on episode one. Be sure to ask him about his time on the show as he loves to talk about it! Caine was a junior champion in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) a few years ago until he discovered weights, girls and mirrors. Not sure in which order?!


Meet Tanis

One of the most active people you could ever meet. She has completed more fitness sessions as a participant than most people have had hot dinners. It was a no brainer for Tanis to train in the fitness industry a few years ago considering how into her health and fitness she is, and now she can share her passion with you. An extremely motivating and inspiring individual who will help get you to another level with your fitness. As the mother to five daughters she’ll have no problems keeping even the rowdiest group in check.


Meet Chris


 Chris is the nice guy of the group, always smiling or doing something to make people happy. Like the time he put on a lot of fake tan during the winter to brighten the darks days with his orange glowing face. We all enjoyed that one Chris! He works as a fireman full time and on his days off is a keen runner, competing at club level for Woking AC. His nice guy persona will have you working harder than ever, how can you refuse a lake run when it’s Chris’s smiling face asking you to do it!